вторник, 15 июля 2014 г.

July trip

I spent 10 days abroad in July. I went to Turkey as always. I was there with my best friend Viktoria, her cousin, my and her grannies. Our trip started in Voronezh ( my hometown). From there we took the train to Rostov-on-Don and from there was our flight to Antalya. Pretty long road, but I'm in love with that feeling when you're sitting on the car/train/plane and understand that you will be in such a different place in some hours. And good thoughts often came to my mind this time... So those 10 days were the best. The hotel was extremely nice as people in the hotel. I love Eftalia hotels for this. It's the place where the sun shines, watermelon is sweet, people are lovely, water in the pool is warm. My days started at 9 am by walking to the balcony and saying Good morning to my friend. She lived next door. We went downstairs to the main restraunt to have our traditional morning pancakes with Nutella and strawberries. And then we chilled whole day near the pool swimming, sunbathing, playing games and talking to entertainers. After dinner we usually played games and watched Word Cup. One day we had a poker night. And last night was pretty nice. A lot of smiles, hugs, good words and friends on Facebook.