вторник, 30 июля 2013 г.

26 days till my iphone returning

Today was rainy and I spent a big part of this day in my bed. It was cold outside and it was cold in my house. All my thoughts today were about my phone.I can`t live without it, he is my baby. He is a part of me and my life :(
So I went to my mom`s work at about 9 pm. I made some selfies and I saw shop without any people and how she closes it every day.It was interesting, but she forget about me and started to turn all the lights off...And then she was like:" Sonia,Sonia where are you? Be quickly...And then we went home :)

empty shop...

понедельник, 29 июля 2013 г.


Today me,Victoria and Angelina went to the biggest mall in our city.Me and Vika didn`t buy anything but Angelina bought a lot of school stuff. Then in another mall me and Vika decided to went to OYSHO...So we bought the same bathing suits (: How cool is it? We are like twins (:

суббота, 27 июля 2013 г.

Summer music
Really love his new album.Songs are so good.Summer songs. I will listen to then and remember my summer,fun,friends and sun....
Thanks, Cody Sipson for your music :)

четверг, 25 июля 2013 г.

Scary or not?

Today I had to wake up at 9:33! It`s so early if you have holidays :( But that was ok because me,Vika and Lena went to the movies! We watched  The Conjuring. I was a little scared and every time when I saw ghost or something like this I had to hug Lena and hold her or Vika`s hand. So if you want to hug somebody went with him/her to see scary movie haha. Then to keep calm and stop being nervous and scaried we ate some cheeseburgers.
After that me and Lena went to our local store and bought ice cream. They had bubble gum and orange-mint ice cream. So good:) Loved it <3

And some drinks...

среда, 24 июля 2013 г.


I woke up at 10:30 and went to the kitchen to have a breakfast.I wanted some bread with Nutella but I found that we don`t have bread :( So I had wonderful breakfast with Kinder milk slice and Baskin Robbins Maple Walnut ice cream. Now my hands smell like maple syrup ha ha

вторник, 23 июля 2013 г.

                                             My love

Did you hear new song by One Direction? If you didn`t you have to do it right now! It`s AMAZING :)
Best Song Ever is really best song ever lol :) I can`t stop listening to it

I saw it before I guess...
                                                               Veronica is so hot!
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                                     Tuesday together

Really good tuesday.We watched horror movies again. The first was about sharks and the second was about swedish boy. They were not really cool. Lena brought her homemade brownies,they were so delecious. We had fun as always.
After then I went to the mall with my mom. She bought something for herself and tank and jeans for me. I love it. After our shopping we had a dinner. We bought subs in Subway. My was with cheese,turkey,pepper,cucumbers and ranch sauce.So good as dinner.

понедельник, 22 июля 2013 г.

                    Horror Monday movies 

I dont like Mondays, but this monday was absolutely nice.
When I woke up it was really cold in my room and outside.I like it because I am tired of hot weather.So I went to Vika`s house and we made some boiled corn. It is so yummy.
Then me and Vika went to my house and our friend Lena came.We watched GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2  and ate apricots . Movie wasn`t very scarry.Then we made some funny photos and videos and just hanging out:)

воскресенье, 21 июля 2013 г.


I had fireworks near my house yesterday and a day before. I dont know why? Maybe it was a holiday? I think no, but it was so cool to see them. It was like a 4th of July.It remembers me a song Katy Perry-Firework. I love it

пятница, 19 июля 2013 г.

Эта песня....

Я решила иногда писать на русском, так как тяжело все время писать на английском и это требует больше времени.

Justin Bieber - Turn to you. 

Я слушаю эту песню уже около недели и она не выходит у меня из головы. Она такая трогательная и приятная.. Перед сном я просто лежу под одеялом и слушаю эту песню. И музыка, и слова - все так гармонично

среда, 17 июля 2013 г.


We went to sports сomplex to ride in our Cruiser skateboards and walk some.
We rode some and then we became a little bit tired. We sat down on our cruisers and found a hill and started sliding down sitting on cruisers.It was a lot of fun.
We saw snake or lizard. Someone moved through her body...Oh it was curst.Then we went to the McDonalds (as always)
and had dinner there. 
Finally we went to the bus stop and we didnt know which bus is ours...
We boarded one and when we were in our district we had to get off the bus and walk to our houses. We were so tired and when I came back I just lay on my bed watched tv and chatting with friends.
This day was so good :)

вторник, 16 июля 2013 г.


Now I am waiting for my current favorite tv-show 90210. I decided to write a post about me,my current favorites.
I decided to make my own blog cause I saw some blogs which inspired me
1 is Adam Gallagher. http://www.iamgalla.com/ I love his style and I think he is really handsome man.
2 is Chiara Ferragni. http://www.theblondesalad.com/ Her posts about her trips and fashion are really interesting
3 is Sonya Esman. http://www.classisinternal.com/ I watched all her videos on YouTube and I really love her videos and her
4 is Jessica Stein. http://www.tuulavintage.com/ Her style is amazing and all her pics are so good
My favorite movie is LOL with Miley Cyrus. I watched it about 5 times and I will always love it. I love songs,actors, main idea. So it is so good for me
 My current favorite tv-show is 90210. I love 90s. I love California. I love their style. And it really interesting to know something new about 90s teens.
I dont have favotite song and singer because every singer is talanted and every song is good or somebody. My favorite song changes every week or 4 days.I really like to watch covers of famous songs. I love DanielJ`s covers.He has a really beautiful voice.
And in the end of the every month I will post my favorites for this month :)
Love you, Sonia.

                                       Amazing trip 

Today I decided to write a post about this summer.Summer vacations.Summer trip.In June me,my family and my best friend Vika went to Turkey.
Our moms decided to go to Turkey because we  need  just to swim and eat.Nothing more.They decided to fly to Turkey from Moscow because airplanes and service are much better than in our hometown. So we have to go to Moscow by bus.It was the best road trip ever.Me and Vika had a lot of fun.We made sandwiches in bus,dropped ham and tried to pick it up,spilled some Coke, watched some movies...When we finally came to the Sheremetyevo airport we had some time for shopping before our flight and we bought some coffee and Oreos and had a nap...
When we came to Turkey it was cold in airplane and in the airport,but hot as shit outside. We wore jeans and shirts and it was not very good choice to wear this clothes. When we saw our hotel we were happy because we thought that they have WiFi there, but they didnt:(
When we went to get towels, we couldnt find our room. We walked around about 30 minutes and decided to eat some ice cream. Less than 15 minutes later we found our room.Then we went to the pool and fell asleep on the rug.
Then we just chilled. Swim in the sea and pool, eat delicious food, went sunbathing and had a lot of fun. Oh and we found WiFi there :)
It was so sad to go back to Russia from our Summer paradise.

                                        Chillin in Sheremetyevo airport

                                                     Bye bye, Russia


First day at the beach

I wanna feel the sun,the air,the wind in my face

                                      it was our last day in Turkey :(

It looks like California

понедельник, 15 июля 2013 г.

              let's get it started

 I’m Sonia. I was born in Russia,but I really want to run out.I want to live in Europe or in the USA,because Russia isnt a good country if you want to achieve somethimg without your parents and their money.I want to achieve anything by myself and just by my abilities and ambitions.I think it is better to do anything in your life into art and I try. I love to cook sometimes. I will post some recipes and photos of my food. I will post anything what happens in my life and I hope you will like it.

                                                             It is me when I was about 7