вторник, 16 июля 2013 г.

                                       Amazing trip 

Today I decided to write a post about this summer.Summer vacations.Summer trip.In June me,my family and my best friend Vika went to Turkey.
Our moms decided to go to Turkey because we  need  just to swim and eat.Nothing more.They decided to fly to Turkey from Moscow because airplanes and service are much better than in our hometown. So we have to go to Moscow by bus.It was the best road trip ever.Me and Vika had a lot of fun.We made sandwiches in bus,dropped ham and tried to pick it up,spilled some Coke, watched some movies...When we finally came to the Sheremetyevo airport we had some time for shopping before our flight and we bought some coffee and Oreos and had a nap...
When we came to Turkey it was cold in airplane and in the airport,but hot as shit outside. We wore jeans and shirts and it was not very good choice to wear this clothes. When we saw our hotel we were happy because we thought that they have WiFi there, but they didnt:(
When we went to get towels, we couldnt find our room. We walked around about 30 minutes and decided to eat some ice cream. Less than 15 minutes later we found our room.Then we went to the pool and fell asleep on the rug.
Then we just chilled. Swim in the sea and pool, eat delicious food, went sunbathing and had a lot of fun. Oh and we found WiFi there :)
It was so sad to go back to Russia from our Summer paradise.

                                        Chillin in Sheremetyevo airport

                                                     Bye bye, Russia


First day at the beach

I wanna feel the sun,the air,the wind in my face

                                      it was our last day in Turkey :(

It looks like California

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