воскресенье, 23 февраля 2014 г.

Best friend's B-Day

Today my best friend Lena has celebrate her Birthday! She invited me and Viktoria to the really good Italian restraunt. It is so adorable. It has really beautiful interior and "upper east side" atmosphere. I meant it was like for elite. We ate the best food (I'll post photos below) and drank fresh juice and mulled wine. I had a headache after this drink😂 Then we had one of the tastiest dessert I've ever had.... chocolate fondaut. After that we visited Papa Johns to have yummy pizza and we did! Really good day with really good people though

понедельник, 17 февраля 2014 г.

Monday sucks

I can't say how much I hate Mondays. When you have to go back to school and wake up early after weekends...😡 But I love the fact that I have only 5 lessons at school and after school I have art classes. I love drawing, despite saying sometimes I hate it. I think it's for me. I also love art school because it's a place, where I can talk and see my friends❤️ 

Sunday is funday

This Sunday was soo good. 
At the morning I went to the movies with my mommy to see " Wolf of Wall Street". This movie is amazing, in spite of it lasts for 3 hours. It's a biography, a comedy, drama ... All in one! Well done, Martin Scorsese!
After movies we went to pizzeria mmm✨
Then at afternoon me and my dance team bought costumes for our performance. After all we ate some fast food in Mcdonalds and had really good talk with our trainer👍❤️

четверг, 13 февраля 2014 г.

I'm in the mood for dancing

Last weekend was kinda like " Dance weekend". 
At Saturday me, Vika and Julia visited master class. It was held in dancehall (this dance style is from Jamaica). The famous hip hop dancer Vobr showed us really cool new moves. He is really cool person - really emotional and funny.
At Sunday we went to hip hop battle. It was new experience for me, cause I've never took part in something like that. It was super cool. We felt out groove and started to move🎧🎶. We didn't take first or second or third place, but we were exciting just to be a part of this big hip hop gathering😎


I love winter Olympic Games! It's so thrilling to watch figure skating or skiing. I just wanna share some of my opinions and impressions about Olympic Games.
• I love the fact that Olympics take place in Sochi, Russia. So nice to see them in your native country.
• My favorite sports are winter biathlon, skiing and snowboarding. I personally hate hokkey. It's not interesting for me at all.
• Costumes at the opening ceremony. I'm really interesting in fashion and stuff like this, owing it I love to see and appreciate costumes. My 2014 faves are costumes of France  and Sweden. Russian costumes probably ones of the ugliest costumes ever.
• I love this sport vibe, watching sport competitions every evening, discussing scores and Olympics ❤️

понедельник, 3 февраля 2014 г.


Finally I'm writing a post about my amazing vacation. So I went to Vietnam with Vika and her family. We had really long road. 5 hours by bus, then 12 hours by plane and then about 4 hours by bus again. We stayed in Mui Ne, where a lot of surfers are living. Hotel was very nice, it was like a house in the jungles near the ocean. I felt in love with Asian food. They had a lot of really cool seafood, an example, we ate shrimps, lobsters, crocodile, shark, tuna, squid, ostrich, frags and different kinds of fish. They have really cool fruits and desserts. But passion fruit and mango are the best for me. There are a lot of surfers shops with cool clothes like Quiksilver, Roxy, Vans. I loved it. 2 weeks in paradise. 

воскресенье, 2 февраля 2014 г.

Monday 😩

It's Monday! The school starts after small break (because of really cold weather it was closed). So bad, I just wanna lie in my comfy bad. No lessons, no classmates, no teachers... And I'm happy

Cold evening❄️

It's so cold nowadays in Russia. Only way to be warm is drink tea, watch your favotite tv show under fluffy blanket. I love to light my candle and enjoy this vanilla smell. It's to cold for me here though😁

Hello there

I haven't write here for hella long time. I really like to read old posts from my blog, I love to refresh my old memories and emotions. So I'm here again to share my current thoughts. Last time I've been really liking "Gossip girl", it's so so so amazing I'm freaking love it